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Windshield Heat Shields

Windshield Heat ShieldUVS Heat Shields: Protecting Your Car from the Summer Heat

Studies and practical experience have shown that a vehicle’s interior can heat up quickly on warm days. Even in moderate heat, a car left in the sun can rise to a toasty 130 degrees or higher after just 30 to 60 minutes.

Aside from searing the backs of your legs when you slide into a sun warmed vehicle interior, how can such high heat and sunlight affect your vehicle?

  • UV rays can dry and fade interior upholstery and finishes
  • Sun shining through your windshield over time can dry and crack your vehicle’s dashboard
  • High temperatures can further dry and crack interior finishes

Keeping Your Car Safe from Summer Heat

How can you keep the interior of your vehicle from heating up like an oven on warm, sunny days?

  1. Use a heat shield, such as a UVS Heat Shield, over your front window. Your front windshield is the largest area in your vehicle through which the sun shines. Using a custom-fitted heat shield covers the front windshield entirely, reflecting heat away from your car.
  2. Consider tinting your windows to further block out sun.
  3. Park in a shady area, or better, in a garage whenever possible.
  4. Crack your windows when you park, which will keep heat from becoming trapped inside your car.

Protect your vehicle from the summer heat when you park it. Find auto windshield covers that fit your car windshield by selecting your vehicle model, make and year.