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Weathershield Car Covers from Covercraft

Black car coverWeathershield Car Covers: How Weather Can Damage Your Finish

Weathershield car covers can protect your vehicle from damage caused by all kinds of weather conditions. How can weather damage your car?

  1. Pollutants and moisture can combine to create corrosive agents. The name “acid rain” is somewhat of a misnomer. Industrial pollutants, smog, vehicle emissions, and natural processes all release chemicals into the air that, when combined with moisture, form a corrosive liquid. This acidic substance can come in contact with your vehicle via rain, sleet, snow, dew, drizzle, and fog. A custom Weathershield Car Cover is created according to your vehicle’s exact dimensions, so it sits snugly against your car keeping out all kinds of corrosive moisture.

  2. Wind brings dust, pollen, tree sap, and airborne debris that can scratch of damage your car’s finish. Sap is notoriously difficult to remove from your car’s paint. Other airborne debris will not only dirty your car, but it can cause minor scratches to your finish that allows rust and deterioration to take hold. Using a Weathershield Car Cover every time you park outside protects you from windborne debris, keeping your car cleaner and your finish pristine.
  3. Other vehicles can kick up slush and sludge from roadways, causing scratches, dings, and corrosion. If you have to park on the street, the best way to protect your vehicle from slush, water, and other debris kicked up by  cars in inclement weather is by using a Weathershield Car Cover.
  4. Ultraviolet rays can fade paint and damage interior finishes. A Weathershield Car Cover protects your vehicle from the sun’s harsh rays.

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