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Volvo: Not Your Family Car Anymore...Unless You're Lucky

What do you think of when you think of a Volvo?  Dependable.  Exciting like a Corvette?  Not really.  Except, the luxury C70 convertible hard top IS pretty exciting.

In 2006, Volvo began offering the C70 with a retractable hardtop.  With this hardtop, you get the fun of a convertible with the convenience and safety of a hard top coupe.  The three piece hard top raises or lowers in 30 seconds or less.  This car is fun to drive and peppy, making it a favorite of many sports car enthusiasts.

Since your Volvo is so much fun, you probably want to keep it…so protect it.

If you are looking to protect the interior of the car from irritants like pollen, dust and even sun, consider an interior cover.  These covers are custom for the car with the top down, and only cover the opening.

To find a custom cover for your Volvo, select your Volvo on the left. 


Volvo C70