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Volkswagen Car Covers

Chances are, you want to protect that showroom finish on your Volkswagen.  If you are looking for a cover that will hug and cradle every curve on your vehicle, you want a custom cover.  Since 2004, Car Covers Direct® has offered custom fit covers made by Covercraft for Volkswagens, from Beetles to Passats. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service, to make covering your vehicle as easy as possible.

More about our covers...

Custom covers are made with a tight fit in mind.  Our covers come midway down the wheel of your vehicle.  Grommets are located underneath both driver side and passenger side doors, and the grommet location is padded.  Each cover is made to provide a soft touch against your paint. Elastic is included in the front and rear hems to help keep the cover snug against the vehicle. 

Find the Right Cover for Your Needs...

Our Volkswagen covers are water repellent and breathable.  Breathability is important to protect the paint.  Many fabric choices are available to protect your VW against rain, sun, dents, dings, and even irritants such as tree sap.  Select the year and model of your VW on the left to find the perfect custom cover for your car.

Volkswagen Beetle