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Custom-Fit Truck Covers & SUV Covers

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Truck Covers and SUV Covers Offer Durable Protection For Your Rugged Rides

They’re built to be tough, but SUVs and trucks are subjected to the same factors that degrade all vehicles over time. UV rays, bird droppings, dust and debris can damage the clear coat and paint, while humidity can stress a vehicle’s engine. A custom-fit truck cover offers your Pick-up or SUV maximum protection from the elements.

Do You Love Your Truck? Protect it.

Avoid Scratches, Dust, and Debris—Indoors and Out

Vehicle with exterior blemish to painted finish Scuff marks on bumper of car It's easy to see how the environment can naturally cause damage to your vehicle, but often it's mundane human action that causes serious damage to a car's exterior. Maybe you're moving a storage bin in your garage, and it swipes the door. Or you drop a screw driver while working near the vehicle, and it chips the finish. These little bumps and scratches can get expensive really fast, so we want to help you avoid them. By putting one of our products on your vehicle you're helping to guard against these everyday mishaps plus the natural dust and debris that attack more slowly. And if you're worried that the cover itself might harm the finish, please take note that our materials are specially designed to not scratch your paint job. For all-around performance both outdoors and in, take a look at the Technalon® Evolution® fabric.

Protection from Sun

Spoiler with sun damage Paint oxidation on rear spoiler The sun's ultra-violet radiation will harm exterior paint jobs and the quality of your interior surfaces. Over time, UV rays oxidize paint, crack rubber, and distort and degrade plastics. When left unprotected, leather and other common upholstery fabrics degrade much more radidly after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and heat. Save your vehicle and your money by putting a barrier between your automobile and the relentless assault from above. The best materials for solar protection are Sunbrella and Reflec'tect.

Shield from Precipitation and Water

Ice, snow, and sleet accumulation on truck Freezing rain can abrade a
clear-coat finish
Exposure to excessive moisture (especially in temperature extremes) can take a toll on your vehicle. In warmer climates, mold and other fungi will grow onto the surfaces of your car and possibly damage the finish. In cooler regions it's ice, snow, and salts from the road that typically eat away at the exterior. If you're driving every day, much of this damage is unavoidable, but if you winterize your car or take it out less frequently, a quality cover is a must-have. The materials with the best water resistance are WeatherShield HD, WeatherShield HP, and NOAH.

Theft Deterrent

Cable lock kit Close-up Cable-lock kit A cover masks the identity of your car to potential vandals. It also hides any valuables inside that might attract or tempt thieves. Paired with one of our cover lock cable kits, your car should be safer than ever before.

Fast and Easy Install

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Our Promise

We understand how much your vehicle means to you and know why you want to protect it. That's why our custom-fit options are designed specifically around the dimensions of your automobile. The patterns are made to accommodate the exact make, model, year, and configuration of your vehicle, thus providing the snuggest fit possible. With a tight fitting cover you will have the optimum amount of protection from the elements. Wind, rain, or dust, you can be assured that your vehicle is protected.

Choosing a Fabric

We offer a material comparison chart that lets you quickly assess the performance characteristics that are important to you.