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Triumph Car Covers

Triumph Spitfire Car

Last produced over 30 years ago, Triumph cars are a beautiful rarity in the automotive world. If you own a Triumph, chances are you cherish it.  Let Car Covers Direct® help protect it with a custom cover.  Whether you are looking to cover a Spitfire, TR-7, or TR-8, hardtop or convertible, we can help you preserve the beauty of your Triumph.

About our Materials…

If you always garage your Triumph, Dustop is the recommended favorite of our car cover customers.  Dustop is soft to protect the finish of your car, and almost completely dustproof, to prevent dust from reaching and damaging your automobile’s finish.  Available in the color Taupe, this material is thick by design to enable it to provide dent and ding resistance while your car is in storage.

If you need a cover that will perform indoors and will also meet any outdoor challenge when you need it, consider the Noah material.   Noah is also a thick cover, which makes it excellent for ding resistance.  As with all of our materials, Noah provides a soft touch against the vehicle.  Excellent water resistance, yet still breathable to protect the paint, Noah covers are a reasonably priced option for excellent protection against the elements.  These covers are available in your choice of Gray or Pink for breast cancer awareness.

Custom Fit Covers, Made in America

Our custom fit car covers are Made in the USA in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma by Covercraft Industries.  For nearly 50 years, Covercraft has been fine tuning their cover making skills.  They have hundreds of thousands of custom vehicle patterns, including patterns for rare vehicles.  Covercraft engineers take into account every curve of the vehicle during pattern making, ensuring the best possible custom cover fit.

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