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Toyota Car Covers

Gray truck coverToyota Car Covers: Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car 

Toyotas are known for their reliability and resale value. In fact, today’s Toyotas can be a reliable car that lasts for more than a decade. wants to help you extend the life of your Toyota even further, making it a car you can drive for years to come.

How to Add years to the Life of Your Toyota

  1. Dents, dings, chips, and other damage to your Toyota’s finish can lead to rust, which can shorten the life of your car. Protect your vehicle with a Toyota car cover to keep your finish safe.
  2. Buy good gas. The quality of the gas you buy can affect your vehicle’s performance and lifespan. Visit stations that have pump filters to filter out dirt, and avoid fueling at a station where the tanker is filling the tanks, which can stir up sediment.
  3. If you store your vehicle for longer than a month, take steps to keep it protected. Fill the tank and add a fuel stabilizer. Wash and wax the car. Disconnect the battery, plug the tail pipe with a rag to prevent moisture infiltration, and protect your vehicle with a Toyota cover.
  4. Avoid UV damage by parking in the shade, in a garage, or under a Toyota car cover on hot, sunny days.
  5. Wash your car regularly, and treat leather with a conditioner. Do this even in the winter.
  6. If you do get a dent, ding, scratch, or nick, touch it up immediately to keep rust and corrosion from setting in.
  7. Protect your paint from etching and corrosion by drying it after washing or atmospheric moisture. Remove bird droppings immediately, as well, as they can etch your paint.
  8. Maintain your vehicle with regular oil changes, tune ups, and tire rotations. Toyota varies recommendations based on model and year, so check your owner’s manual.

Start protecting your vehicle today with a Toyota cover. Select the year and model above.