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Just wanted to let you know that the cover arrived within five days of ordering. Fit and finish is outstanding. Really! Far better than I expected or hoped for. Only sorry I didn't order a custom cover (Though the fit is so good this one might as well be custom).Honestly, somebody being cheap can sometimes leave you scratching your head. My friend has an otherwise nice 2000 Maxima that he leaves sealed up to cook in the sun and collect road dust and bird droppings, but he chokes on spending the approx. $150 on a generic cover with a four year guarantee like mine, plus he starts obsessing that it's too hard to put on/take off, plus someone might steal it, plus they have a cheapo $30 one at Costco, plus…(That's when I look him in the eye and:)A. Ask him how much it will cost to replace his dashboard when the heat and sun finally crack it, and ditto the rotting and fading of his upholstery.B. Point out that each and every time he take it off it dusts the car, thus paying for itself in car washes.C. Assure him that nobody will steal the d*** thing since it's a secure lot, plus all you have to do is put your license number on it if you're worried about someone walking off with it.D. Point out to him that putting the cover on and taking it off is both easy and, as I put it, "morally edifying", leaving me then to explain what the word "edifying" means as well as the philosophical underpinnings of the concept.E. Posit that you get what you pay for, that when you buy the good stuff you'll only cry once, that "cheap" is not the same thing as "frugal", and that this is a quality product so just shut up and order one already cause I'm not about to buy one for you.)So, rest assured that you have a very pleased customer who'd absolutely buy from you again (And unlike some other webmerchants I've had to deal with lately).Sincerely,Vic B