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I made my decision after reading the reviews that your cover is what I want and need, the best. I have ordered from you in the past, car cover for a Bentley, I should have remembered when I went for the boat cover, I could have saved time. But then I wouldn't have been inspired to send this long but hopefully uplifting rendition of "comments". Here it goes! Also, It's nice to hear that your company works as a team, its what this country needs. I am proud to be ordering a product from a company with such great reviews not only ON the product but on the EMPLOYEES also! In todays day and age there is nothing more uplifting than to see a company in OUR country building a relationship with their employees as well as their employees are building a reputation for their company! It all goes hand in hand. I know what it takes to continue building, striving for perfection, all the while keeping an environment that makes employee's WANT to come to work, I'm in one of those myself. One of the best things you can do is share these words with the team, and by "team" that means evryone from the top to the bottom. By the feeling I get, this probably didn't need to be said. Share this at the weekly safety meeting, it might be something different, but it will be positive in the outcome. Thanks for letting me ramble, I need to get down off my horse now. stu-