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I just wanted to send you an email and tell you how helpful Brandy (don’t know last name) was in my phone call to her last week. I had ordered a car cover from you 10 years ago, and when I got my new car, I wanted the same cover. I ordered what I thought was the same cover. When it came, I realized it was very different from the one I had previously owned. I called your customer service line to do an exchange for a different cover. I got Brandy who was very knowledgeable about the products you sell. With the information she provided, I decided to keep the cover I got and when I put it on the car, it was PERFECT. When I called Brandy, I had fully expected to have to return the old cover, and go through the hassles of returning a product because of my own error in not getting the right cover to begin with. Brandy’s knowledge about the products you sell made me re-think my original intentions and in the end, she was correct. I am very happy with my new cover. Thank you Brandy.