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We just wanted to tell you how much we love our new truck cover that we have recently gotten from your company. It fits fantastically and even our neighbors have said that it is not an “eyesore” at all in our beautiful neighborhood. We live in Arizona in the Southern part of Chandler right across the road from nothing but desert until the San Tan mountains. I am telling you that because we get a lot of these so-called Monsoon sand storms from the south and we are the first ones to get hit! We have a 2 car garage and our Buick and the Jetski are stored in there. We just needed something nice to keep our new Chev Avalanche covered up. I ordered a Custom – Fit Truck Cover with the “Block-It” Technalon Evolution material. We no more than got it from you and put it over our pickup and we got hit with a hail storm and a hard rain storm. I actually went out and checked the cover during the hail storm and during the rain storm. Everything looked awesome.  We love it. Very Satisfied, the Chrislers.