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Studebaker Car Covers

A romantic example of an era passed, a piece of Americana, a nostalgic example of automobile design last produced in the early 60’s—the Studebaker.   If you own a Studebaker, you want to protect it for many years to come.  Covering your car will help decrease the amount of time you spending detailing your vehicle and will help preserve your paint and interior.  Choose a cover from Car Covers Direct® to be sure that you get the best quality cover for your Studebaker.

About Our Custom Covers

Allow one of our snug-fitting custom covers to protect your Studebaker from dust, dirt, and even sun or rain if you store it outdoors. With numerous materials to choose from, you are sure to find a cover suited to your climate or region. Each product is manufactured by Covercraft in the USA to meet the highest standards of the industry to provide years of protection for your car. The use of new technology in pattern cutting, weaving, and fabrication ensures you receive a cover that fits.   Choose the Year and Model of your Studebaker on the left to begin.

Studebaker Car