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Sterling Car Covers

Sterling cars were only sold in the US for 4 years but are still popular because of their classic British style interior and clean exterior design. The availability of compatible parts from Acura and Honda has made them retain their appeal for car lovers. It’s always a good idea to protect an unusual car with a cover to help maintain its value.

Covercraft Custom Car Covers

Covercraft has been in the business of protecting cars for nearly 50 years. They are a leader in providing a range of fabrics to meet the demands of today’s world. Whether you need an indoor cover or an outdoor cover, they provide one to meet your needs. Covercraft offers the best fitting covers in the automotive industry. The company has pattern makers that they actually send to measure cars for their pattern library.

Benefits of a Car Cover

Let’s face it—we live in a dirty world. Whether your car is housed in a garage or outside, dirt, dust, and debris are coming at it from every angle. Car covers protect your car indoors, from dirt and dust and offer some protection from dings and scratches. Just think what kids and pets in a garage can do to a car. Covers designed to be used outdoors protect your car from flying debris like leaves, sap and bird droppings. Outdoor covers also protect your exterior and interior from harmful UV rays. Indoors or out, there are many ways your car gets dirty, so cover it as a preventative method.