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Safe Driving In Snow And Ice

When winter arrives and the roads become treacherous, be sure to follow these best practices to ensure safe driving in snow and ice:

*Be sure to decrease your speed.

*Leave yourself plenty of room to stop;  you should be at least three car lengths away from the car in front of you.

*Braking gently helps avoid skidding while stopping.

*Be especially careful on bridges and overpasses.  Back roads also tend to freeze first.

*Don't assume your vehicle will allow optimum control in all conditions;  even four-wheel drive vehicles can have trouble navigating icy, wet roadways.

*Always keep your lights and windshield clean.

*Refrain from using cruise control.

Checking that your tires are properly inflated (proper inflation for your vehicle model can be found on the plate located in most vehicle doors), checking fluids, and making sure that you replace your battery at regular intervals are all important to safe driving in winter weather.