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Don't Take the Risk-Protect Your Car with the RIGHT Cover

Kimberly-Clark, our longtime fabric technology partner, recently completed weather testing some of the "bargain priced" non-woven type car covers currently available in the market...the results were shocking!

UV Damaged Cover Material

Kimberly-Clark pioneered the technology used to construct non-woven fabrics. Polypropylene (and other) fibers are extruded and then bonded together using special laminates and/or heat and pressure. Depending on the application, the fibers may be bi-component (using two different performance synthetics) and/or multi-layered for dust, ding or moisture control.

UV Damaged Cover Material For the fabrics K-C developed for car cover use, one of the key requirements is the fabric's ability to stand up to UV degradation. You are buying a cover to protect BOTH the exterior and interior of the vehicle and, if the cover won't hold up to the daily onslaught of UV rays, you've wasted money and can end up damaging the car you wanted to protect.

K-C's development scientists constantly monitor fabric performance of their own, and competitors', fabrics using "real-life" fence tests where fabrics are affixed to panels and left outside 24/7 in the Florida sun. This is done in addition to weatherometer testing conducted in controlled lab conditions. Both fabric tests rely on control samples for comparing results and performance evaluations, which are usually reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Shown above are test results of two "bargain priced" non-woven covers - in only 3 months the UV rays had burned through the outer layer and were cooking the inner layer(s) which will result in minimal life for these covers. In each fabric picture shown above, the fabric to the right of the black divider line is the original (control) fabric and the fabric on the left side shows the results of UV degradation. Not only was the outer layer of the fabric almost burned away by the sun, the tensile strength was reduced by an average of 80%.

One of the most expensive components in non-woven fabric construction is the use of UV inhibitors. All Kimberly-Clark fabrics are U.S. made and include a mandatory amount of inhibitors to assure optimum fabric performance. Depending on fabric construction, K-C covers carry a warranty to the original purchaser of up to 4 years. For a cover to last, the fabric has to be built right from the start !!

Quality Components = Quality Covers...don't take the risk with inferior grades of fabrics when it comes to protecting your vehicle.