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Pontiac Car Covers

Pontiac produced extraordinary vehicles still sought by collectors. Production on new Pontiacs has ceased, but the legacy lives on in the style of the vehicles. If you have a Pontiac, preserve it with a car cover designed to protect from the environment where it is housed.

Car Cover Fabrics

We offer a range of fabrics to meet your every need. Some of our most popular for outdoors are Noah and Weathershield for all weather protection. If your car is stored indoors Tan Flannel or Dustop are good options. For extreme sun conditions Sunbrella or Weathershield HD are the best choices. In addition to protecting the exterior, these covers will protect your interior from UV rays and also keep thieves from seeing valuables left in your car.  

ROI Calculator

If you are considering the value of covering your car, we have a calculator to determine the increase in Return on Investment you can expect to receive when you sell your car. Our car is one of our most expensive purchases. It just makes good financial sense to protect that investment.


Photo By Sicnag (1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Hardtop  Uploaded by OSX) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons