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Plymouth Car Covers

Plymouth Fury

Introduced in 1928, the Plymouth was Chrysler’s entry into the affordable car market joining Ford and Chevrolet. Over its life, Plymouth was one of the best selling American made cars, known for its durability and engineering.

Covercraft Car Covers

The Covercraft car covers we offer for Plymouths are known for the same things-affordability, durability, and being engineered for the best fit. Now that Plymouths are no longer made, it is important to protect your car’s finish to maintain its value in the future. Whether you have an older classic Plymouth or a newer model, we have a cover that will protect it indoors or outside.

Cover Selection

Our selection of fabrics will provide protection from numerous indoor or outdoor hazards. Everything from dirt and dust to tree debris and UV rays are a threat to your car’s exterior. Maintain your car by covering it to keep it pristine for the future.

Other than Car Covers...

We have UV shields, seat covers, and floor mats available for your Plymouth.  Call us toll free at 1-866-818-9901 for discounts on orders with multiple items.