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Peugeot Car Covers

Originally building steam tricycles, the French brand of Peugeot cars was founded in 1810. Today, they’re recognized as sleek, prize-winning cars that provide excellent rides and handling.

Custom Car Covers, Made in the USA

CoversDirect® has listings for custom covers to fit Peugeot vehicles from the years of 1981-1991. Our custom covers will hug your Peugeot vehicle with a soft interior while also allowing for breathability. Breathability is essential is quickly evaporating moisture

Don't see what you need listed?  Call us!

Do you have a newer model Peugeot? Simply call us and we can help you get the custom cover you need!


Photo By unknown, affiliated with Garage de l'Est, digitally modified and uploaded by User:328cia ( [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons