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Outdoor Car Covers

Protect Your Vehicle When It Is Parked Outside

Don't let your car loose it's shine. A quality outdoor car cover helps protect your cars paint from fading while storing outside. We carry the best outdoor car covers made from weatherproof breathable fabrics that are water repellent and UV resistant. Whether you need to shield your car from sun, rain, snow, ice, tree sap or your neighbors cats, our outdoor car covers offer maximum protection. Choose from Block-It, WeatherShield, Noah, and other quality outdoor cover fabrics by Covercraft.

Evolution tan car cover materialWhy use a outdoor car cover?

  • They keep the elements at bay. The covers can be custom designed for your vehicle make, model, and year. This means they cling closely to your car’s contours, keeping the elements away from it.

  • You may not have to wash your car as often. Using an outdoor car cover when you park outside can keep the dirt at bay. Outdoor covers will protect you from rain, bird droppings, animal prints, and dirt tossed up by other vehicles.

  • They preserve your finish. Sunlight can fade and damage both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. An outdoor car cover will block the sun’s UV rays, keeping your finish as bright as the day you bought it.

  • Your car is less likely to be stolen, prowled, or vandalized. Criminals prefer not to attract attention, and if they have to remove a car cover, it increases their chances of attracting the attention of passersby.

  • Outdoor car covers protect your vehicle from overspray. Street cleaners, line painters, landscapers, and others may accidentally get their chemicals on your car’s finish. Even if they aren’t working in the immediate area where your vehicle is parked, the wind can carry the chemicals, causing damage or discoloration to your finish.

Covercraft weatherproof car covers are the best way to protect your vehicle when storing outdoors. Select your car's make, model and year to find your perfect fit outdoor car cover.