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Mustang Car Covers from Covercraft

Ford Mustang with Gray Cover

Protect Your Mustang With a Cover

Today’s Mustangs are reminiscent of the original with sleek, sporty lines, long hoods, and short rear decks. The vehicle remains popular among enthusiasts. Regardless of which generation of Ford Mustang you have, you no doubt want to keep it in mint condition, so it’s necessary to protect it when you park your car outdoors. At Car Covers Direct®, a custom-sized Mustang cover is made for the exact dimensions of your vehicle’s year and model, so it fully covers the car and protects it from:

  • Road debris tossed up by other vehicles
  • Damage from bird droppings
  • Weather damage from rain, snow, ice, sleet, hail, and wind-borne debris
  • Door dings and scratches
  • Weathering and fading from UV light

It’s time to make sure your Mustang is protected. Find the perfect cover for your vehicle by selecting your car’s year and model.

The History of the "Pony Car"

When Ford introduced its Mustang on April 7, 1964, the “pony car” class of vehicles was born. Wildly popular from the start, the Ford Mustang spurred competitors like Chevrolet to create their own version of the pony car. Other cars in the class included the Toyota Celica, the AMC Javelin, and the Chevrolet Camaro. By the late 1970s, Ford had moved away from the Mustang’s original aesthetic, and sales of the vehicle slowed. By the mid-1990s, however, Ford had returned to its roots.