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Morris Car Covers

Morris first gained its recognition in 1913 with the release of the “Bullnose” and, since then, Morris has created a legacy of gorgeous models. Car Covers Direct® shares your passion for Morris cars, and we want to make it easy to find a custom cover for your Morris.

More about our covers…

Our custom covers are made to be an exact fit your year and model of Morris. The cover’s cushioned interior caters to the protection of your paint’s finish and offers a high level of breathability. With a snug, custom fitting cover, you’ll have a strong barrier between your car and elements like dust, dirt, tree sap, and pollen.

Find the Right Cover for Your Needs…

Our Weathershield High Performance Morris covers are perfect for protecting against all weather conditions. This material is lightweight and is a solution-dyed fabric, which creates a consistent, long lasting color in your cover. Use our fabric comparison chart to find the material that is right for your needs.



Photo By foshie from Watford, UK (Morris Minor convertible) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons