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Mercedes-Benz Car Covers

Mercedes Car Covers: The Benz Patent Motorwagen

Mercedes-Benz has inspired a loyal following among car enthusiasts seeking luxury, comfort, and beautiful aesthetics in an automobile. Whether you drive an E-Class, S-Class, SL, AMG or any other model, get a guaranteed fit Mercedes car cover to protect your investment. Covercraft Mercedes-Benz car covers help protect your vehicle from the elements, dents and dings, theft, and vandalism.

Mercedez Front

Protect Your Mercedes-Benz

With such a rich history, Mercedes-Benz has grown to be a leader in the luxury automobile market. Savvy owners protect their vehicles with a Covercraft Mercedes car cover. Car Covers Direct® has custom covers designed to fit your Mercedes’ exact specifications so they hug your car’s curves, protecting it from damage.

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The First Benz

While Mercedes-Benz first came into being in 1926, the brand had its start in 1886. Karl Benz, a stationary engine manufacturer, had been working on creating a two-stroke piston engine. His endeavor achieved success in 1873, and he turned to a new project: developing a motorized vehicle.

Using a three-wheel design, Benz used steel tubing, wood panels, and solid rubber tires with steel spokes. Steering was accomplished via a pivoting toothed rack that connected to the front wheel. The vehicle also contained the very lightweight Benz 954 single cylinder 4-stroke engine. After his first prototype, Benz developed two others, as well.

The Benz Patent Motorwagen is widely believed to be the first automobile. Benz’s wife, Bertha, sought to publicize her husband’s invention. To do so, she set out without Benz’s knowledge on a “long-distance” drive in Patent Motorwagen No 3 in August of 1888. She drove 60 miles to her mother’s house, telegraphed her husband of her success, and then returned home three days later.

When the Karl Benz joined forces with Gottlieb Daimler in1926, the Mercedes-Benz brand was born. Daimler had produced a vehicle in 1901 called the Daimler Mercedes, leading to the Mercedes half of the Mercedes-Benz name.