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Mazda Car Covers from Covercraft

Green Covercraft car coverMazda Car Covers: Top Threats to Your Car’s Finish

It’s important to protect your Mazda’s finish. Scratches, dings, and dents can not only diminish your car’s appearance, but they can also lead to further corrosion. If you own a Miata or any other Mazda model, you can protect your vehicle with a Mazda Car Cover. Covering your car whenever you park it outdoors protects you from many of the elements that can damage your car’s finish.

Elements that Can Harm Your Finish

You might be surprised at the things that can harm your car’s finish if you don’t cover it with a Mazda cover.

  • Rain can be mildly corrosive. While you don’t hear nearly as much about acid rain as you did in the 1980s, it is still a real threat to your car’s finish. Water in the atmosphere combines with pollutants from industrial processes, creating an acidic substance that winds up on your vehicle whenever it rains. A Mazda car cover can protect your vehicle, keeping it dry during the rain.
  • Dew, snow, fog, and other atmospheric moisture will also have the same corrosive principles for the reasons described above.
  • Dust and dirt, when improperly removed, can scratch the car’s paint. Choosing a custom fit Mazda cover will keep dust out, because the cover follows your car’s lines and fits snugly so nothing can get underneath.
  • The sun’s ultraviolet rays can fade both your interior and exterior, even on cloudy days. A Mazda car cover will block out the UV rays, protecting your vehicle from fading whenever you park it outdoors.
  • Tree sap is sticky and adheres to your car’s paint, making it extremely difficult to remove without inflicting damage. The best ways to avoid this hazard include not parking under trees and using a Mazda cover for your car.
  • Bird droppings left on your vehicle for even a few minutes can etch your finish because they are mildly acidic and often contain gravel that can scratch your paint. The only way to protect your car when you park it outdoors is by cloaking it in a Mazda car cover.
  • Salt water and salt spray in the air can be very damaging to your vehicle’s clear coat. While a Miata is a great beach car, you can protect it from the most damaging elements of salty beach atmospheres by keeping it under a Mazda Miata car cover.

Who knew nature could be so hazardous to your vehicle’s finish? Fortunately, you can be proactive and protect your car from these natural hazards with a Mazda car cover. To find the right one for your Mazda, select your vehicle’s model and year above.