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Noah Car Covers from Covercraft

Gray Noah car cover materialCovercraft Noah Car Covers: All About Acid Rain

Covercraft Noah Car Covers utilize one of Kimberly Clark’s most water resistant fabrics, protecting your vehicle from environmental hazards like acid rain. While you don’t hear nearly as much in the media about acid rain as you did back in the 1980s, the problem still exists. Over the long-term, it can cause irreversible damage to your car’s finish.

What Is Acid Rain?

Industrial processes, power generation, and internal combustion engines all release chemicals into the atmosphere. These chemicals combine with moisture in the form of rain, snow, dew, fog, and cloud water to develop a liquid with a slightly acidic pH. Which chemical gasses are at fault for acid rain?

  • Sulfur dioxide from fossil fuel combustion, industry, and natural processes such as volcanoes and wildfires
  • Nitrogen oxides generated by motor vehicles, electrical generation, and natural processes such as lightning

When combined with moisture (H20), the result is formation of a corrosive substance. Without a Noah Car Cover, whenever your vehicle sits outside it is exposed to this acidic moisture, which can wear away at your car’s finish.

Better than It Was

The reason you hear less about acid rain today than you did 30 years ago is because the United States government has enacted clean air legislation that has reduced acid rain levels by about 65 percent since 1976. While a 65 percent reduction is good, acid moisture remains a problem that affects not only your vehicle’s finish, but also wears away at buildings and monuments, and has a negative affect on soil and vegetation.

Zones at Highest Risk 

Acid rain can and does occur anywhere; however, some regions of North America have higher levels than others. This includes the eastern third of the United States and Southeastern Canada. Even if you do not live in New England, however, acid rain may damage your vehicle’s finish, especially if you live or work in an industrial area with smog and high pollution.

Protecting Your Car From Acid Rain

How can you protect your vehicle from this pervasive problem?

  • Cover your car with a Noah Car Cover. The covers are customized to your vehicle, so it hugs your car’s curves and keeps moisture out.
  • Park in a garage whenever possible.
  • Wash your car frequently. Many experts recommend washing with professional products about once every ten days.
  • Wash your car immediately after a moisture event, including rain, fog, snow, or dew.
  • If it snows, brush the snow off of your vehicle and dry it immediately.

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