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Lamborghini Car Covers

The Italian manufacturer Lamborghini is well-known for producing luxury sports cars and is one of the first to be known for its overwhelming power and comfort. This vehicle has changed drastically from the first model in 1963 to the current 2014, but nevertheless, has remained eye-catching!

About Our Custom Covers

CoversDirect® offers Custom Covers in 13 different materials for these unique vehicles to protect from all weather conditions. These USA made covers are made with double-stitched seams and heavy duty elasticized hems to hug around every curve.

We also offer Dash Mats and UV Heat Shields

In addition to our full car covers, check out our custom made Dash Mats to protect against cracks and dust particles (not that you would allow a speck of dust to touch this beauty!). With many different materials and colors to offer, these Dash Mats are offered with an extended warranty of 2 years up to a Lifetime! To protect your vehicle interior from the summer sun, we also offer UV Heat Shields.


Photo By The Car Spy (Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons