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Jaguar Car Covers


When you think of a Jaguar car, you instantaneously think of the words: elegant, sleek, and luxurious. Pamper your Jaguar by guarding it from uncontrollable outdoor weather with a custom fit cover. Since 2004, Car Covers Direct® has been providing top-notch service and the best quality covers on the market.

More about our covers…

Our custom covers are precisely tailored to offer a snug fit against your Jaguar. With a tight fitting cover, you will maximize your car’s protection against all kinds of environmental irritants including bird droppings, tree sap, and dust. In addition, our outdoor covers are water resistant and include a warranty dependent on your fabric selection.

Find the Right Cover for Your Needs…

We provide an assortment of breathable fabric choices to satisfy your cover demands. Dustop is great choice for an indoor cover that offers maximum protection against dust and dings, while Technalon Evolution makes for an excellent outdoor cover choice to protect against intense sun environments. No matter what climate you live in, we can help you guard your car from all weather conditions.