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Honda Accord Recall for Faulty Hoses

The Honda Accord is a 5 passenger vehicle that is the nation’s 2nd best selling car in the US.

In the US and Canada, 572,000 Honda Accords, years 2003-07, with a V6 engine were recalled in May 2012 for faulty hoses and fire risk. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that monitors vehicle safety, the hose that contains the power steering fluid can deteriorate with long-term exposure to engine heat and cause a crack or leak, which can result in high under-hood temperatures.  When you loose this fluid, it can pose a risk of fire if the fluid leaks onto the catalytic converter. This can also cause you to lose power-steering in your vehicle.  Although the repair parts will not be available until early 2013, Honda is sending out notification letters to those Honda owners who may fall in this category. However, if you feel your vehicle may have signs of this leak, please take it to be inspected at your local Honda dealership. Honda will also send out an additional letter once the replacement parts become available for repairs. Even though there have been no injuries reported, there has been 1 fire, and they are taking extreme caution to warn all Honda owners of the possible dangers. 

You can go to or call 1-800-999-1099 and select option 4, for any questions or concerns you may have regarding this recall or to find out if your vehicle was involved in the recall.