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Honda Car Covers

Car Covers for Hondas

Car Covers Direct® is proud to offer covers for Honda vehicles, including the Accord, Civic, and Fit.  Honda is known for their longevity, with most of their cars lasting hundreds of thousands of miles.  Protect your paint with a custom cover to preserve the beauty of your Honda for as long as you enjoy driving it.


Crafted by Covercraft

Our covers are made by Covercraft in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.  Covercraft is certified to both ISO/TS16949:2009, a worldwide quality system standard, and ISO 14001, an environmental quality program.  Each custom cover is made with precision in mind, ensuring the best fitting, longest lasting cover possible.  Covercraft has studied cover manufacturing and performance for nearly 50 years, making them an expert in fit and fabric.

Help protect the environment as you protect your vehicle

 Materials such as Weathershield High Performance are made using a superior fade resistant solution-dye production process that saves 1,000 gallons of water for every 1,000 yards of fabric produced. Less bulky than other fabrics, Weathershield HP is easy to store because it folds up compactly.

All of our fabrics are made soft and breathable to protect your paint.  Research our website, compare materials, or just start shopping by selecting your specific Honda in the adjacent form.