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Convertible Hardtop Covers

Made by Covercraft in the USA

So, You're Enjoying Your Convertible?

If summer’s here and you like to keep the top off, then you’ll want to protect your hardtop with a cover. Hardtop covers keep your convertible hardtop safely stored, away from dust, weather, and debris that can scratch or damage it. The covers are custom-tailored for your specific convertible hardtop. They fit snugly and close completely to seal out damaging dirt, debris, dust, and moisture.

That way, when the sun goes down and you’re ready to reinstall your hardtop, you can remove the cover to reveal a pristine convertible hardtop that’s ready to ride.


  • Easy to use hook and loop fasteners
  • Protection of your entire hardtop
  • Custom-fit to your convertible’s hardtop
  • Can be used with most hardtop hoists

Ready to find the perfect hardtop cover for your convertible? Select your make, model, and year.