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Gust Guard™

From time to time, you may need to park your automobile for weeks or months where sudden gusts may be a concern--at the airport, parking lots, or while on vacation. As the name suggests, The Gust Guard™ is a kit that helps to secure your cover in windy conditions. With adjustable cords and durable clamps the Gust Guard helps reduce the possibility of the front and rear of the cover coming loose when winds gets under the cover.

Attach to hem Check that clamp is secure Tension adjustment Adjust the tension Clamps Attach clamp to cover's hem Gust Guards are easy to install. The kit includes components to make two adjustable security cords that clamp to the hem in front of the front tires and behind the rear tires.

The Gust Guard™ is easy-to-use and a great value to add on to your cover. Ensure that your cover is secured to your vehicle through storms and other windy weather conditions.

Add a Gust Guard to your orders for just $17.00