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LeBra Front End Masks

Le Bra

Le Bra front end covers provide an easy solution to protecting your vehicle from the unexpected, while offering stylish protection that makes your vehicle stand out! Full front end coverage is offered to help protect your vehicle from rock chips, road tar, bugs and dirt. Le Bra custom front end covers come with easy to follow instructions, and can be installed quickly and easily, usually in 15 minutes or less. No tools are required and all parts are pre-attached, so there is nothing to lose.


Each Le Bra front end cover is specifically designed to fit your vehicle. Considerations are made for features like fog lights, special air intakes, and even pop up headlights. Engine access is still easy with a two piece design that allows you to open the hood without removing the mask.


Le Bra front end covers are made from a durable yet easy to handle high quality leather grain vinyl. The mask is lined with a special knit backing which is quick drying and gentle on your vehicles finish.


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