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Front End Masks, Covercraft, Lebra, Colgan Custom

Front End Mask Black VinylBenefits of Front End Masks for Cars

Front end masks, also known as car bras, provide more than just an aesthetic for your vehicle. While many like the look of a front end bra, it also helps protect one of the most vulnerable areas of your car.

Think about it – when you drive you lead with your front end, and driving can be quite hazardous to your grill! Here are a few of the many benefits of adding a front end mask for your car.

  1. Better night vision: Unprotected headlights can grow dim as they are covered with dirt, debris, and bug splatter. A front end bra protects your headlights, keeping them brighter and giving you better vision at night.

  2. Protects your investment: Flying debris is a real hazard to the front end of your vehicle. Rocks can crack headlights and parking lights. They can ding and chip along the front, harming your paint. Bugs can also harm your finish by becoming stuck to the grill and front of the hood, and they are pretty hard to remove without damaging paint. A car bra serves as a barrier, protecting your front end from damage.
  3. Protects trade-in value: A front end mask will keep your vehicle’s nose looking new, protecting your car’s value.

Custom Front End Masks for Your Car

Car Covers Direct® offers an array of custom-fit front end masks from manufacturers like LeBra, Colgan, and Covercraft. To find the perfect car bra for your vehicle, select your make, model and year here.