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Fox Body Mustang Car Covers

The Fox Body Mustang is a favorite of many Mustang enthusiasts. Keep your Fox Body looking it's best with a custom-fit car cover designed for your exact year and model.

The Ford Fox Platform is a rear wheel drive with a unitized chassis, which means that the body and frame are assembled as a unit. Fox Body Mustangs were made from 1979-1993.

Ford Mustang Car Cover

Got a project car? Maybe you are a Mustang collector with several projects in various stages of completion?  Or maybe you have a sweet, restored Fox Body that you need to protect?  No matter which of these three Mustang lovers you are, your car needs to be covered. If the car is garaged, it’s important to protect against dents, dings, and even dirt settling on the paint, leaving the potential for scratching.  If you store your car outdoors, the most important thing is to protect the paint from damaging UV rays. Our car covers are also water repellent and breathable.  Breathability is imperative to protect the paint, so that any moisture from dew, etc. is able to evaporate off of the car.

Car Covers Direct® has been in business for over 10 years. Located in Chesnee, SC, we stock many Mustang covers in popular materials, like Technalon Evolution, Dustop, and Noah. Our stock covers are ready to ship the same day that you place your order, Monday through Friday.

If you are looking for a cover with a loose fit, maybe even one that can be used for multiple cars, our ready-fit cover option part # C40004WC may be the best one for your needs.

If you are looking for a custom fit, we have it.  Click the hyperlinks below for more details or select your car through the selection tool on the left.  If you are unsure about which material to pick, we have found most Mustang enthusiasts pick and love the Noah material option.

Mustang Hardtop and Convertible 1979-1986 car cover part number C10828

Mustang Sedan, 1987-1993 car cover part number C10137

Mustang Fastback, 1979-1986 car cover part number CA95

Mustang LX Hatchback, 1987-1993 car cover part number C10705

Mustang Turbo, 1983-1984 car cover part number C8700

Mustang SVO, 1984-1986 car cover part number C8426

Mustang GT, 1985-1986 car cover part number C8700

Mustang GT Fastback with Rear Spoiler, 1982-1986 car cover part number C12386

Mustang GT, Cobra H.O. 1987-1993 car cover part number C10136

Mustang Convertible, 1987-1993 car cover part number C10704

Mustang Saleen, 1986-1992 car cover part number C9976

By Heather Dedmond