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Ford Raptor Pickup Gains in Popularity

You cant see the Ford Raptor and forget what it looks like. Its not a truck thats easily forgotten. If youve seen any of the commercials, you know that the Raptor is the truck to get if you want to be prepared for anything- offroading, icy weather, or speeding across rocky tundra! The Raptor has tons of style. One of the many features on the truck that stands out is its unique grille design. It features a brick wall pattern with big bold lettering- the word FORD spans the width of the grille! This truck has been described as having an unconventional look, but we think thats a part of what makes it stand out from the competition and add to its popularity.

It also doesnt hurt that the truck has a 411-horsepower V8. The Raptor has received great reviews for its performance off road and in ice and snow. From what weve heard, it also handles great on the highway. Despite deep concerns about fuel economy, this truck continues to show success in sales. More than 1400 Raptors were sold in October of this year. This beat the sales record for April of 2011 by 200 trucks. Its sales are of course only a small piece of Fords overall sales, but that is in part due to the Raptors hefty price tag. The 2013 model starts at $44,345 inclduing shipping. Thats nearly twice the price of a base F-150 pickup.

Ford definitely knows what they are doing. After all, the F-150 has consecutively outsold every other pickup for the past 28 years in the US. Looking at the Raptor and the original F-150, you can really see how much Ford has evolved. The original F-150 didnt even come standard with a passenger side windshield wiper. The Raptor truck on the other hand has some crazy options, including its unique paint colors and what looks like "digitized mud" graphics on the outside of the bed. We also find its "Off Road Mode" to be a very practical option.

The Raptors on and off road capabilities and bold design are a big part of the reason why this model has seen success. This vehicle is anything but subtle, and we love it!