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What is the best way to fold a cover when taking it off the vehicle?

The easiest way we've found is the way we picture it in our instruction sheets. Simply fold each side up onto the roof and refold it as necessary so the material ends up about 2 feet wide. Then, starting at the front of the vehicle, fold the cover towards the back in increments of about 3 feet. This way you don't drag the cover over the vehicles surface, and it's easy to reverse the process for installation.

The following procedure will make it easier to remove and install the cover whenever
it is used.

  1. Release both ends of the cover from under the bumpers.
  2. Fold up both sides onto the top of the vehicle into a long pile approximately 2 feet (60 cm) wide (see Figure "B").
  3. Start at the front of the vehicle and fold the cover in three foot (1 meter) folds from the front to the back (see Figure "C"). 

Illustration of how to remove and fold a car cover

If you use the same procedure each time, you will find it only takes about a minute to install or to remove the cover. The elastic at each end of the cover will keep the cover in place under normal conditions. A tie-down rope is usually included - secure it through the loops sewn into the hem under the doors if needed. Use care in installing the cover on a car which has just been driven to be sure the material does not come in contact with hot exhaust pipes.

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