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Edsel Car Covers

The Edsel, named after Henry Ford’s son, was only in production from 1958-1960, so these collectibles should be protected with a top quality cover.  Car Covers Direct® is proud to offer covers made by Covercraft that are custom made for your Edsel.  From the Citation to the Corsair, Ranger, Pacer, or Villager, we’ve got a cover for your vehicle.  When you order from Car Covers Direct®, you’ll not only be happy with the product you receive, you’ll also be pleased with the excellent customer service we provide.

Why Custom Fit is the Best

For the best, most snug fit, a custom cover is the way to go.  Our covers are made to come down mid-wheel and they feature elasticized hems to help hold the cover in place.  There are also pre-installed grommets located below both the driver side and the passenger side doors for securing the cover with a cable lock kit or other tie down. 

Breathable, Water Repellent, Soft Materials

Our Edsel covers are breathable and water repellent.  Breathability is important in a cover so heat and moisture isn’t trapped underneath.  We offer only the softest materials that won’t damage your paint but will protect you vehicle from rain, sun, dents, dings, and nuisances such as tree sap and bird droppings.  To get started, just choose your vehicles’ year and model on the left.