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Dustop Car Covers from Covercraft

DUSTOP Car Covers offer the ultimate in protection for indoor car storage. Made with 4 layers of Kimberly Clark DUSTOP fabric this indoor car cover protects your vehicle's paint job with an inner layer that is soft like flannel. With patterns for more than 75,000 vehicles, Covercraft's DUSTOP Car Cover is guaranteed to fit your vehicle's contours, and keep dust out.

Protect Your Car From Scratches Caused By Dust

While dust seems harmless, dust can actually damage your car. Since your vehicle’s finish is only thousandths of an inch thick, it doesn’t take much to cause minute scratches in your paint job. Dust is made up of a variety of small particles that float around in the atmosphere, coming to rest on your vehicle when you store it indoors. Those particles are often abrasive, and given how thin your vehicle's finish layer is, it is simple to see just how easily scratching can occur when you go to wipe it off.

If you're storing your vehicle indoors, protect it with a DUSTOP Cover. Get started by select your vehicle's year, make, and model using the vehicle selector.