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Dodge Challenger: Revisiting an American Classic

The first Dodge Challenger was offered in 1959.  Called the Silver Challenger, it was only produced for one year and only with silver paint. 

From 1970-1983, Dodge built the Challenger that most people recognize.  Based on the Plymouth Barracuda, this “original” Challenger was a pony car, which is a term that describes an affordable but sporty performance-driven car. 

From 1970-1972, the Dodge Challenger was offered in fun colors such as Bright Blue Metallic, Bright Red, and Green Metallic.  Often with black stripes on the hood and sometimes on the sides, these 2 door cars featured long hoods (gotta put all that power somewhere) and gently sloping backs.   If you have one of these cars, especially one with a HEMI, first of all you are lucky, and I’m sure collectors and enthusiasts constantly let you know this.  Second, you need to protect your car with a car cover.

Dodge Challenger 1970-1972, car cover part number C697

In 1973, 5 mph rear bumpers, designed to meet regulations regarding crash test safety, were added to the Challenger.

Dodge Challenger 1973-1977, car cover part number CA4
Dodge Challenger 1978-1981, car cover part number C3235
Dodge Challenger, 1982-1983, car cover part number C6946

In 2008, Dodge debuted a new version of the Challenger, the SRT-8, which was longer and taller than the original.  Challenger keeps getting better and better every year.  In my opinion, there isn’t a better looking performance car on the market today.

Dodge Challenger (SRT-8, R/T, and SXT) 2008-2013 car cover part number C17071

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By Heather Dedmond