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Dashmat Covers for Dash Boards

Who Needs DashMats?

DashMats are custom-fitted to your vehicle’s dashboard, providing protection and coverage in an array of attractive fabrics and patterns. Dashmats can:

  • Protect vehicle’s from fading, cracking, and ultraviolet damage from sunlight
  • Reduce windshield glare when driving
  • Cover existing damage to your dashboard
  • Keep your vehicle interior cooler in warm weather
  • Show your personality with custom monograms and logos

Who Needs a Dashboard Cover?

Do you need a dashboard cover? The answer may be yes if:

  • You want to prevent drying, cracking, and damage from sunlight that streams in your car windows.
  • You wish to express your personality by customizing your car’s interior with a monogramed or logo dash mat.
  • You are particularly sensitive to sun glare when it shines through your window and bounces off the dash.
  • You are dismayed by the unattractive appearance of your dash, and wish to improve it with a dashboard mat.
  • You wish to preserve your vehicle’s value by protecting the interior.
  • You want to protect the quality of dashboard stereo speakers. 

Easy Installation

DashMats are easy to install. After you order the custom size for your vehicle, you will receive the dashboard mat with hook and loop attachments that easily adhere to your dash without damaging it. They remove easily, as well, when you’re ready to return your car to its former condition.

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