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DashMat Dash Covers for Cars, Trucks, & SUVs

Protect Your Dashboard Against Dust, Cracks, and High Temperatures

When your car, truck, or SUV is in good condition, it’s a source of pride and satisfaction. Dashboard covers provide an effective way to shield one of the most vulnerable surfaces in your car from extensive damage. Keep your dashboard looking its best for longer with a dash cover.

Dashboard Covers Offer an Abundance of Benefits

A variety of factors can cause your dashboard to wear out prematurely. UV rays and high temperatures combine to damage synthetic materials used to manufacture dashboards. A dash cover blankets the surface with a protective covering, lowering the temperature of the dashboard and shielding it from UV rays. Covering your dash also prevent dirt and grime from causing unsightly scratches. Another bonus of dash covers is that they allow the air conditioner in your vehicle to operate more efficiently by lowering the surface temperature of the vents. Drivers who are sensitive to light also appreciate that covers provide a non-reflective surface to reduce distracting glare.