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DashMats protect against dust, cracks, and extreme temperatures

Dashboard Covers Improve Safety and Increase Value

Your vehicle’s dashboard takes a lot of abuse, so why not protect it with a dashboard cover? Dash mats provide stylish protection from an array of hazards including:

  • UV damage
  • Heat damage
  • Dust and debris

Dash Mats Increase Safety

On sunny days, your dashboard throws off a lot of glare, but covering it with an auto dashmat cover can protect your eyes. Decreased dashboard glare increases safety, because you’ll be better able to keep your eyes on the road without distraction.

Enhance Your Interior

While a dash mat is certainly protective, it can also improve your car’s interior, particularly if you want to hide fading and cracking from previous sun and heat damage. Because dashboard covers are also customizable, you can install a dash mat that fits your personality and your car’s interior.

Easy Installation

Dashboard covers are easy to install! With hook and loop fasteners and precut vent and sensor openings, it will only take a few minutes to install your custom fit auto dash covers.

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