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Daewoo Car Covers

Daewoo Motor Company was established in South Korea in 1982. Their models were available in the US for only a short time, from 1997-2002. If you happen to own a Daewoo, and would like to protect it with a car cover, we can help! Car Covers Direct® offers covers for each Daewoo produced, whether you have the Lanos, Leganza, or Nubira.

Custom Fit and Ready-Fit Cover Options Available

Daewoo car covers from Covercraft are available in two different styles- Custom Fit and Ready Fit. Ready Fit car covers are a general fit, made to fit a certain size and shape of vehicle. These covers do not have mirror pockets, and are easily installed and removed because of their generous fit. Custom Fit covers are made to fit a specific year make and model. These will have mirror pockets and be made to fit your vehicle exactly. Both covers have elastic in the hem at the four corners, and a grommet on either side for security.

Material Options

Our Daewoo covers are offered in thirteen materials. Block it 380 is a great choice for basic indoor and outdoor storage, and it won't break the bank! The material features 3 layers to keep out dust and dirt while offering dent and ding protection. Block it 380 is also soft and breathable, while still being UV resistant and water repellent. To take a look at the cover in this material, and the 12 others offered for your vehicle, begin by choosing your model and year to the left.