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Custom Cab Area Covers from Covercraft

Custom Cab Area Covers

Your pickup truck does a lot for you, so the least you can do in return is protect it! While pickup trucks are made to be rugged, the cab is still subject to damage from the elements. Fortunately, custom cab area covers are designed to cover the cab area of your pickup truck, from the hood to just in front of the bed. That way, when you’re not in your truck, you can protect the passenger cab from:

  • Faded or cracked upholstery due to UV damage
  • A superheated interior on a warm summer day
  • Frost on the windshield you have to scrape
  • Door dings and dents
  • Acid moisture in the form of rain, dew, or fog
  • Dust and pollen
  • Bird droppings
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle prowling and theft

Because the custom cab area covers are compact, you can easily store them in a small space, such as behind your truck set. They are also easy to install, and designed to fit your truck’s exact dimensions.

Take care of your truck! Select your vehicle make, model, and year here to find the custom cab area cover that’s right for you.