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Covers for Causes

CoversDirect® is proud to offer Covers for Causes by Covercraft! Support Breast Cancer Awareness by purchasing a cover for a cause. Covercraft will donate a percentage of all profits to breast cancer research programs.

Covers for Causes feature the Covercraft logo along with an awareness ribbon, and are pink in color. We now offer these products in both the full custom car cover and heat shield line.

Our custom car covers to support Breat Cancer Awareness are made in Noah, which is one of our most popular materials. Noah covers come with a 5 year warranty. This material features a 4 layer construction which is great for dents, dings, dust, etc. Noah is very water repellent and UV resistant.

Our heat shields to support Breast Cancer Awareness are custom patterned to fit the windshield of the vehicle perfectly. The shields are constructed using a reflective fabric on the outside and a soft felt interior. These materials are then laminated together to either side of a foam board which offers insulation. The exterior of the shield is reflective to help reflect the rays of the sun which can damage your interiror and increase the temperature on the inside of the car.