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Covers for Cars- Protect Your Finish Outdoors or Indoors

Green Covercraft car coverDo You Really Need Covers for Cars?

Does your car really need a cover? If you’ve ever had to park outdoors, on the street, in a crowded parking lot, or in a parking garage and you’re concerned about any of the following, then covers for cars are a great idea:

  • Interior or exterior fading
  • Door dings
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Minor dents and scratches
  • Damage from the elements


Covers for cars protect your vehicle from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can cause interior and exterior fading, as well as dried, cracked upholstery. Since you can’t park indoors all of the time, covering your car is an affordable way to take the benefit of indoor parking with you.

Door Dings

At some point or another, you’re going to have to park in a crowded lot or garage where the only available place is squeezed in tight between two vehicles. No matter how careful you are with your door in this situation, it’s no guarantee that drivers and passengers in adjacent cars will take the same precautions. Protect your vehicle from door dings by using a cover for your car every time you park in a crowded lot or parking garage.

Theft and Vandalism

Thieves, vandals, and other criminals all want the same thing: they want to be able to get away with their crime without attracting notice. When you use a cover for your car, it deters the criminal element by increasing the complexity of their crime, making their actions far more noticeable than if they were to attack an uncovered car. Covers for cars also hide what’s inside your vehicle, so if you inadvertently leave something of high value in it, no one will be able to see what it is.

Dents, Chips, and Scratches

If you ever have to park along the roadside or anywhere that cars drive past, then there’s a good chance vehicle tires can kick up road debris that harms your car’s finish. A cover for your car allows your vehicle to deflect such debris without sustaining any damage.

The Elements

Unfortunately, nature can harm your car’s finish. Hailstones can leave small dings. Atmospheric moisture can mix with industrial air pollution to form a corrosive substance. Birds and trees can cover your car in damaging droppings and sap. A cover for your car can prevent all of these.

Are you ready to protect your vehicle? Choose a cover for your car by selecting your vehicle’s year, make and model from the list above.