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Need a Car Cover for a Classic Car?

If it has wheels, we can cover it!  Covercraft Industries, our primary cover supplier, has years of experience and expertise in covering all types of cars.  Some classic covers are not listed online, but they are still available for purchase. For more information, please call 1-866-818-9901 (toll free) or email us at
If Covercraft does not have a custom pattern, it's no problem--we can still make a cover.  After our customer has filled out a dimension sheet (see below for a link to the dimension sheets on Covercraft's website) and faxed it back to us at 1-864-703-7404, we submit the sheet and extend a quote to the customer (pricing is reasonable and many different materials are available for the customer to choose from).  If you decide to order, Covercraft will make your pattern and make a custom cover for your car based on your dimensions.
Friendly, helpful salespeople are available to assist you in every step of this process.  For additional information on our custom covers for vintage or later models, contact us at 1-866-818-9901 (toll free) or via email at