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Types of Car Covers

When shopping for a car cover there are two main types of cover to consider: Custom-Fit and Ready-Fit. Custom-fit car covers are designed to snugly fit your car, offering the maximum protection, while Ready-Fit car covers offers more of a universal car cover fit. With Ready-Fit you still get full car protection but the cover has a loose fit, they're a great budget friendly cover.
Block-It 380 tan car coverAt Car Covers Direct® we carry Covercraft car covers. Covercraft has been creating industry leading car covers in the best fabrics since 1965.

Car Cover Fabric Types

  • Dustop® Block-It®-Indoor Only Covers
  • Fleeced Satin Covers
  • Form-Fit-Indoor Only Covers
  • Flannel-Indoor Only Covers
  • Evolution® Block-It Covers
  • Multibond Block-It® 200 Series Covers
  • NOAH® Block-It® Covers
  • Reflec'tect Covers
  • Ultra'tect Covers
  • WeatherShield® HD Covers
  • Carhartt® Ultra'tect® Covers
  • Wolf® 380 Covers
  • Wolf® Technalon Covers
  • Wolf® Multibond 200 Covers
  • ViewShield Covers
  • Block-It® 380 Series Covers
  • WeatherShield® HP Covers
  • Grafix Series Covers

Other Car Cover Types:

  • Truck Cab Covers - designed to shield your cab from the elements, this cover also keeps your truck interior cool.
  • Convertible Interior Covers - interior covers protect your parked convertible from UV damage, pop-up rain storms, and debris.
  • Convertible Top Covers - protects your removable convertible hardtop from dust, and scratches while storing.