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Classic Car Covers for All Makes and Models

Dusttop tan car coverClassic Car Covers: Protecting Your Classic Car

Classic cars remind us of where we’ve come from. Plus, they’re pretty cool to see. If you own a classic car, however, your primary concern is keeping it in pristine condition. Since these cars provide a reminder of automotive history at its best, it’s important to protect the dwindling supply of classic models. To that end, Car Covers Direct® offers tips for keeping your classic in top condition.

  1. Store your vehicle out of direct sunlight under a Classic Car Cover. If you only take your classic car out occasionally, then you will need an indoor Classic Car Cover to protect your vehicle from dust, which can scratch your car; and moisture, which can damage your finish. When you do take your car out, protect it when you park it with an outdoor Classic Car Cover that resists moisture and keeps your car safe from hazards that can dent, scratch, ding, or etch your finish.
  2. Wash your care before you store it. Use professional products and a soft, microfiber mitt, and thoroughly rinse away all soap. Dry the vehicle completely before storing it, or risk etching your paint job.
  3. For tree sap, tar, and other difficult to remove substances, use automotive detailing clay or have it professionally detailed.
  4. Wax the vehicle before storing it using a professional grade wax.
  5. Only take your classic out on nice days.
  6. Check with your insurance carrier about whether you need special insurance for your classic vehicle. That way, if the unthinkable should happen, you’re covered.

Protect your classic with a Classic Car Cover. has covers that custom fit a broad array of classic vehicles extending back to the early 1900s. To find the perfect Classic Car Cover, choose your year, make, and model above.