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10 Cheapest Vehicles to Maintain

As a rule, the smaller the vehicle, the less maintenance it will require. 6 out of the 10 cheapest cars to maintain are considered small in size, but don’t be fooled. Small vehicles replacement and labor costs are generally lower than that of a larger vehicle, but that’s not always the case. Read on to find out if your vehicle is listed.

Starting the list at #10, one of the cheapest cars to maintain is the Ford Focus. This model has a production run from 2000-2011. In its infancy, the Ford Focus developed a poor reputation. The Focus experienced many recalls and horrible reliability, but their ratings improved over the years. The average estimated maintenance and repairs cost for this vehicle for 5 years is around $3,100.00. The Focus is not only a practical vehicle but is also very fuel efficient and has finally proven to be reliable.

The 9th cheapest vehicle to maintain is the Toyota Camry Hybrid. This Camry is a little higher on the list because the tires it requires will cost about $200 a piece. For 5 years of repairs and maintenance, cost for this vehicle average around $3,070.00 roughly.

Next would be the Cadillac STS coming in at number 8 with only $3,060.00 over 5 years for service costs. This vehicle is rated as having poor reliability by the Consumer Reports. However, Cadillac started including a free maintenance policy with the STS for 2011. This brings the cost of maintaining the vehicle down considerably.

The Volvo S40/V50 sedan and wagon twins were launched in 2005 and sneak in at number 7. These vehicles are the slowest selling on the list, but they have a very generous free-maintenance schedule that lowers the 5 year service cost by nearly $2K to $3,050.00.

The 6th cheapest vehicle to maintain is the full-size luxury sedan, Cadillac DTS. This vehicle has slashed the 5 year service cost by $1,090 bringing it down to $3,040.00. One factor in this price slash may be that the typical DTS driver is older and puts less wear and tear on their vehicles. As a rule, they are also less likely to rack up too many miles.

Following the Cadillac DTS is the Chevrolet Aveo sedan and Aveo5 hatchback. This Korean made car is not only cheap to buy, but very cheap to maintain, although they have low reliability markings. This vehicle has a 5 year estimated repair cost of $3,030.00 but will soon be replaced by the Chevrolet Sonic.

Next is the Toyota Tacoma Double Cab. The Tacoma is the only truck on the list, and it comes in at a shocking number 4! With Toyota’s solid reliability and reputation, their new free scheduled maintenance program helps keep the cost down to an average of $3,030.00 for 5 years of service.

The 3rd cheapest vehicle to maintain is the Toyota Yaris. Although one of the cheapest-feeling cars on the market, the Yaris is still a great, dependable vehicle with even better fuel economy and top notch ratings for reliability. This is one of the few vehicle’s that offers free scheduled maintenance, bringing the 5 year service cost down to only $3,020.00.

Getting closer to the cheapest car to maintain, the Toyota Corolla is listed as a close second. Toyota has sold close to 2 million Corollas over the past 5 years-becoming one of the best-selling cars of all time.  Being beat out by the Camry at more than 2 million units, these family vehicles are considered to have better than average consumer reports with excellent reliability. The 5 year service cost for this vehicle is estimated at $2,990.00.

Finally, the number 1 cheapest vehicle to maintain is the Honda Fit. This vehicle also has great gas mileage and a low purchase price. Along with their low purchase price, these vehicles have the lowest repair and maintenance costs, estimated around $2,930.00 for 5 years. 


Cheapest vehicles to maintain