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How To Quickly And Efficiently Change Your Oil

Want to save the cost of labor on your next oil change and service?  Read on to learn how to change your oil quickly and easily...

First, remove the oil cap and place it where it cannot be lost.  Jack up your car properly and secure it with jack stands to ensure your safety.  To keep things clean, put a piece of cardboard under the oil pan and place it under the car.  Get underneath the car and, with a proper sized wrench, unscrew the drain plug slowly and finish by unscrewing with your hands until the oil drains.  Be careful you aren't in landing range of the oil!  When just a few drops are left, you can replace the drain plug.  Next, you must locate the oil filter near the engine.  Once you find it, spin it counter clockwise and allow it to drain ito the pan.  Put a dab of new oil on the new filter's O ring and install it until it's tight.  Lastly, you can get out from underneath the car--simply add the correct amount of new oil in and replace the oil cap.  It's that easy...even for those of us who aren't car savvy.