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What is a GT Car and What Does “GT” Mean?

Heather Dedmond

GT: Different Vehicles, Same Designation

Have you ever noticed how some cars are designated as a “GT” model? For example, there are Mustang GTs, Alfa Romeo GTs, Ferrari GTs, and Pontiac GTs, to name a few.

What does GT mean?

Giant Turtle? Greasy Tailpipe?

Nope, “GT” simply means “Grand Touring” or “Gran Turismo.” In Italian, the term “Gran Turismo” refers to cars that can make long-distance “Grand Tours” in comfort and style. Many modern GTs have body kits, like ground effects or spoilers, or even an extra set of headlights that did not come from the factory on the base model.

While most cars designated with a GT are considered high performance vehicles, GT models often come with extra comfort features, such as softer suspensions or leather seats. Also, GT models are typically larger and heavier than regular sports cars, and also emphasize comfort as well as performance.

orange lamborghini diablo gt

History of the GT

The original GT cars were produced in the early 20th century by manufacturers like Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Lancia. GT’s immediately gained popularity in both North America and Europe.

With the “horseless carriage’s” invention at the end of the 19th century, peoples’ lifestyles were changing: for the first time, they could travel long distances for the purpose of nothing more than leisure or adventure. The design of the auto changed accordingly during this time period, becoming much more attuned to luxury and comfort, not just utility.

Many different versions of the GT have been made, such as the “GTO” (Gran Turismo Omologato) and “GTS” (which may mean Gran Turismo Spider, Sport, or Special).

Gotta GT? Tell Us About It...

What kind of GT do you have (or want)? Tell us in the comments section below and feel free to share a link to a picture of your GT!

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